Give-A-Book Program (Elementary)


The goal of The Home Run Against Drugs Give-a-Book program is to promote healthy lifestyle choices among our nation’s youth by empowering them with knowledge and self-esteem to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse. The program also addresses the benefits of eating healthy and setting goals


This 45 minute, interactive program consisted of speaking to the children about basic principles of what goals are, the importance of setting goals, self-esteem, health and nutrition, and substance use and abuse and their consequences. Guest speakers will assist in the program helping to reinforce those principles by speaking to the children. Our mascot, “Homer”, will brought in to the assembly to interact with the children in a fun and positive way. At the end of the assembly, each child will receive their own personalized book, Homer and Me. Each book features the child, a friend, and “Homer” going to a Big-League baseball game.  Along the way, they travel on the “Home Run Express” and learn important lessons about staying healthy.

These books not only reinforce the anti-drug messages from the assembly, but also help to promote literacy, and gives parents an opportunity to speak to their child about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.