The Campaign


Our mission:

To promote healthy lifestyle choices among our nation’s youth by empowering them with knowledge and self-esteem to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse.

The Home Run Against Drugs campaign is specifically designed to appeal to a wide variety of communities, families, children, sponsors, promoters, and law enforcement agencies.  By design, it is structured to deliver important information and education pertaining to drug prevention skills for children ages 4-10.  It also allows for creativity and flexibility to make the event fit any community, school-based, or youth sports event.

The campaign’s goal is to promote drug prevention and awareness while fostering relationships between children, their parents, and other role models such as educators and professional athletes.  It’s never too early to start teaching prevention.  The message we deliver is based on research that the most effective drug prevention strategies promote overall health, goals, self-esteem, and the ability to make good decisions.  

The mascot “Homer” allows for the program to establish an easily recognizable identity that will remind children on sight of the message: “Be A Slugger…Hit A Home Run Against Drugs!”

Start Teaching Resistance In Kids Early!

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