Empower Through Prevention

The mission of the Rising Above Boundaries Mentoring Program is to foster development of positive behavioral, academic and mental health outcomes in youth.

r.a.b provided mentors for Johnson city school district!

Mentoring Program launched at Binghamton University!


Mentoring will take place in at Johnson City High School.


Why Mentor?


Children who succeed despite overwhelming personal, economic and social obstacles do so often because of a caring adult in their lives. Mentoring outcomes include greater participation in school, improved attendance, higher graduation, college and trad school admission rates, and better overall performance.

What we do?


We are a NY State Mentoring Program, partnered with the Office of Children and Family Services and certified by Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC and Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. We create mentor relationships and provide effective ways to positively change the lives of at-risk youth. We are a site-based program to encourage one-on-one mentoring and participation in group activities. We also provide innovative approaches to positive youth and community development.

Our goals


The goal of

 "Rising Above Boundaries" Mentoring Program is to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors through support, education, activities, drug abuse prevention, health promotion, anti bullying and providing a safe space for the youth. 

Empower Through Prevention


 Healthy lifestyle promotion, rapport building, goal setting, social stability, recreational activities, support systems and evidenced based prevention methods and education is key.

Become a Mentor


The mentor agreement is a one year commitment. We support you 24/7 to ensure that you’re never alone. Dates and times differ from site to site. Our program provides training for volunteer mentors and orientates the mentees and their families. 

Please "click" on link below. *Please make sure to specify Home Run Against Drugs as your referring organization*

Background check


Part of the process of becoming a mentor with our program is completing a background check. Please "click" the link below to schedule your appointment. This link is unique to our program. Please call Program Director at 914-236-8595 for our agency code. Using this link will help you schedule and manage your appointment.